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Ready to play with your friends?

You have 120 seconds to create words with the given letters, find the longest words, win the game.


You'll be given 8-13 letters and will have 120 seconds to create words longer than 4 characters.

There are 3 play modes:


Online multiplayer: You can invite your friends and play against them, or play against random available players.

Offline multiplayer: You'll have a smart opponent, 'wordmaster', and you'll be competing against them to get the highest score.

Practice: No one to race, it'll be just you playing against the time.


When you create longer words, you get higher scores and when you find the master word, your score is doubled.

The player with the highest score wins the game.


For players who like crossword puzzles, you can use the hint function in the game, and you can try to guess the words from their description.


Do not forget to check the table at the top of the screen to see how many words are available for each letter category.


Note: You need to have an active network connection and need to sign in to Game Center to play the online version with your friends. Adding your friends from the game center is highly recommended for a faster game setup

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